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Spiritual Fitness – Bringing it all Together

October 9th, 2012
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In Spiritual Fitness we have looked at how we experience and affect our energy system in four different ways: the physical body; the emotions; the mind; and the “spirit”. Spirit is an opaque term that is hard to define – for me, it is a catch-all for the aspects of us that lie beyond the other three levels. These aspects are by their nature transcendent and so beyond strict definition and knowing, but can be summed up as a higher state of consciousness.  For some


Emotions & Spiritual Practice

April 25th, 2012
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In the article, Suppressed Emotion – The Effect of Spiritual Practice, I outlined how working with energy starts to release suppressed emotions. Here I outline the deeper impact over time on our energy system of working with our emotions. Grounding There is an intimate connection between our capacity to feel and how grounded we are, by which I mean how connected we are to our physical body. The more at ease we are with life and with feeling flowing through us, the more comfortable we


The Biology of Emotions

April 25th, 2012
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This is a simple introduction to the biochemical process that creates the experience of feeling, that we classify into different emotions, within the physical body. I have based this on the work of Dr Candace Pert’s book “Molecules of Emotion”, which is an excellent guide to the science behind our emotions. We experience in response to an internal or external stimulus. Internal stimuli are our thoughts – as our mind wanders and dwells upon different subjects (money troubles, relationships issues, sporting success etc) we trigger


Suppressed Emotion – The Effect of Spiritual Practice

April 25th, 2012

Any type of Spiritual Practice has an effect on our energy system. The degree and nature of that effect will vary according to the type of practice, who we are, and what our intention is when using the practice. For example, working from the body up through Yoga has a different effect from working with Reiki which is more “outside in”, so to speak. By this mean I mean we are consciously bringing subtle energies into the physical body. Most forms of Yoga concentrate more


Spiritual Fitness – Working with our Emotions

April 3rd, 2012

Spiritual Fitness –  Working with our Emotions I am running this workshop in association with the London College of Spirituality (LCS). The event takes place at the Bloomsbury Baptist Church on 235 Shaftesbury Avenue. The details of the event are set out below and to RSVP or find out more, please go to the LCS Group Meetup page. You do not have to join Meetup to attend, although it does help us manage numbers if you RSVP via the site. Admission is £10 on the

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