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Emotions & Spiritual Practice

April 25th, 2012
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In the article, Suppressed Emotion – The Effect of Spiritual Practice, I outlined how working with energy starts to release suppressed emotions. Here I outline the deeper impact over time on our energy system of working with our emotions. Grounding There is an intimate connection between our capacity to feel and how grounded we are, by which I mean how connected we are to our physical body. The more at ease we are with life and with feeling flowing through us, the more comfortable we


Spiritual Fitness – Working with our Emotions

April 3rd, 2012

Spiritual Fitness –  Working with our Emotions I am running this workshop in association with the London College of Spirituality (LCS). The event takes place at the Bloomsbury Baptist Church on 235 Shaftesbury Avenue. The details of the event are set out below and to RSVP or find out more, please go to the LCS Group Meetup page. You do not have to join Meetup to attend, although it does help us manage numbers if you RSVP via the site. Admission is £10 on the


Our Feeling Body

March 21st, 2012

The Feeling Body A major barrier to being fully in the body is our capacity to feel. It as if our consciousness wants to be fully grounded in the physical body, but there are energetic blocks in the system that get in the way – this is often connected to our capacity to connect to our feelings. Too much exposure to electronic devices, or regular use of alcohol and drugs can also have the same impact on our energy system. Meditating on our Feeling Body


Working with Our Emotions – Introduction

March 12th, 2012
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Human-beings are unique in that they can experience themselves on many different levels of consciousness: through the physicality of their bodies, through their emotions, through thought, and as spiritual beings. The power and beauty of our emotions are often not fully utilized or properly understood in spiritual practice. In our events on working with emotional energy we cover a wide range of topics, including: •       The crucial role of our feeling bodies, which are the bridge between the spiritual and physical aspects


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