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Love & Life

September 29th, 2013

It is possible to understand life as an expression of love in its myriad forms. From the ugly to the beautiful, it is all an expression of the spirit of life that runs through everything. Life expresses itself in so many ways, some pleasurable and some difficult to stomach or accept. It is in the expression of life that love comes alive for us and we experience ourselves in all our diversity. Do these words sound trite to you? Then consider the relationship between love



September 12th, 2012
earth splitting

This is a big one in Western thinking and in modern spiritual writing. It is the belief and idea that all human beings are essentially separate and that human beings are separate from the natural world, and the other forms of life found within it. In the Western tradition this idea developed from early interpretation of the Bible, which saw the natural world as a resource which man was custodian of. As industrialisation emerged the distinction between man and nature deepened, until we now have



September 12th, 2012
love hand

This is a really interesting area to explore because it touches all of the ideas and experiences that we have already discussed. It is therefore an excellent jumping off point for bringing together all these ideas and taking us into the closing exercise. Our experience and understanding of love defines our relationship with ourselves, with others and with life itself. It is primarily rooted in our experiences of relationships with the people closest to us: parents, family, friends, lovers and partners. All of these, particularly


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