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Suppressed Emotion – The Effect of Spiritual Practice

April 25th, 2012

Any type of Spiritual Practice has an effect on our energy system. The degree and nature of that effect will vary according to the type of practice, who we are, and what our intention is when using the practice. For example, working from the body up through Yoga has a different effect from working with Reiki which is more “outside in”, so to speak. By this mean I mean we are consciously bringing subtle energies into the physical body. Most forms of Yoga concentrate more


Physical Energy – The Breath

March 16th, 2012

The breath is a fundamental part of life and of any spiritual practice. How we breath is strongly linked to where we are focusing our consciousness – in our mind, in our emotions or in our body? For example, when we exercise our breathing deepens and brings the focus of our consciousness more into our body. By comparison, when we do energy work like meditation or reiki, our breathing often becomes more shallow and the focus of our consciousness moves out of our physical body.


Working with our Physical Energy

March 12th, 2012

Being in your body as is spiritual as it gets, so focusing on your body is important for anyone working with energy.  By understanding how nurturing your physical well-being supports your energy system at all levels, you can strengthen your spiritual practice and incorporate more of it into your daily life. The most important areas to consider are: Reviewing the structure of the human energy field with particular focus on the physical body itself; Experiment with exercises for the body that open up your chakras;


Working with Our Emotions – Introduction

March 12th, 2012
heart chakra shutterstock_81356665

Human-beings are unique in that they can experience themselves on many different levels of consciousness: through the physicality of their bodies, through their emotions, through thought, and as spiritual beings. The power and beauty of our emotions are often not fully utilized or properly understood in spiritual practice. In our events on working with emotional energy we cover a wide range of topics, including: •       The crucial role of our feeling bodies, which are the bridge between the spiritual and physical aspects


Spiritual Fitness – Mastering your Energy System

February 11th, 2012

Spiritual Fitness –  Mastering Your Energy System I am running this workshop in association with the London College of Spirituality (LCS). The event takes place at the Bloomsbury Baptist Church on 235 Shaftesbury Avenue. The details of the event are set out below and to RSVP or find out more, please go to the LCS meet up group page. Workshop Do you meditate? Do you practice Reiki or another form of healing? Are you interested in energy and consciousness? If the answer to any of

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