17th May 2015

S2270001I wrote these words recently for someone very close to me. They are very personal but I know that the message here speaks to so many people, so I have published it on facebook and here on my blog. Every little bit of understanding helps 😉

” I want you to know that it is ok for you to tell me how bad it is – sharing where you are helps because it makes you feel less isolated, and I recognize this is so important at this time.

I sense that this illness is so pernicious because it is isolating, as well as remorseless. I do hope and pray that more relief comes day by day. While I do not have any time for organized religion, I recognize the value of prayer. Some people say that prayer is “talking to God” whilst meditation is “listening to God.” “God” takes many forms to many people, but the bottom line for me is that there is something inside and outside of us that is “spiritual” and fully  conscious and aware of our experiences as human-beings. Perhaps you could talk to whatever or whoever this is for you? I know I am not alone because I feel a presence in and around me all the time, and my connection is very visceral. Have faith that there is something outside of you that loves you very much.

There is great beauty and great horror in this world at the moment. For those of us who are particularly sensitive it can be a very challenging time. I read many articles about the epidemic of depression in the developed world and how so many people are struggling with this illness. Whether this is a collective ill of human beings or an understandable reaction to the current state of the world, who can say. And it does not really matter what the cause is. What matters is that we – and you – remember that we are all loved unconditionally and that, ultimately, everything passes and everything will be ok. That can be cold comfort when we feel trapped, but I say this because the nature of life is that things do change – one way or another. You carry great compassion and love inside of yourself and it takes great courage to be in this world when you have that capacity for feeling. Most human beings do not feel life the way you do, or the way I do. Nevertheless we came here and we push our way through life as best we can and there is a reason for that, even if it is beyond our conscious understanding.”



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