Notes on Love: Grace

21st May 2016

IMG_1985I was once in a deep state of meditation when a wave of serene emotion washed over me. As the delicate embrace of this presence moved through my body and my awareness, these words came into my mind: “I am Grace, and all i want to do is love you”. Something inside me “popped” physically, emotionally, and mentally. These different parts of me reacted spontaneously to the gentle power of these words and i sank into a state of surrender. Tears welled up in my eyes, my throat tightened and then I breathed into this presence. This¬† intensified the emotion and the tears flowed more freely. I sat with this for some time and allowed everything to run its course.

What is Grace? The “Grace of God” is a familiar phrase to many people, especially to those who have grown up in a country with Christian values. So at an intellectual level we can surmise that it is a spiritual force of some kind. But this is the stuff of the mind and does not get us close to the essence of the experience. For me, “Grace” is an aspect of ourselves which loves and accepts us unconditionally. Depending upon how we relate to the spiritual in our lives, it is either outside of us or a part of us. This is because for some, the spiritual is something other, outside of themselves and they relate to it by externalizing it in this way. For others, the spiritual is something internal that is experienced within as they journey deeper and deeper into themselves. If we have internalized our experience of and connection to the Divine, then Grace feels like a very deep aspect of our identity coming into our awareness. This is how i have usually¬†experienced Grace.

When we are in our physical body our sense of self can feel smaller than when we enter into heightened states of consciousness. This is why these “higher” or “deeper” aspects of ourselves appear – from our human perception – to be outside of ourselves. It is hard to stay in these higher states of awareness because of the nature of modern life, which draws our attention to more earthly concerns (work, food, sex etc, all mediated by the banal wonders of the internet & our mobile phones!)

So how can we connect with and experience these aspects of ourselves? By acknowledging its existence, by approaching it with reverence and humility to ask for its assistance, and by receiving with gratitude what we are offered.

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