Shamballa – Healing & Living Multi-Dimensionally

6th April 2015

S1460034“Healing & Living Multi-Dimensionally”: what the hell does that mean? Well, if we rephrased that as living with a deep connection to and perception of life, in all its manifestations, then it might start making a bit more sense. I am writing about this for two reasons. Firstly, because I have come across this phrase – multidimensional – many times over the last few years. The second reason is that in July & August 2015 I will be teaching Shamballa.

So let us start by considering how we perceive life on a day to day basis. This is not a trick question – the answer is simple because most of us take our senses for granted. We experience and perceive life through the feeling of touch as we walk upon the earth, swim in the sea, shake hands, kiss or hug. And then there are the other senses that are so familiar to us – hearing; smell; sight; and taste. We use all of these senses to perceive the environment around us, to take in information about it so that our minds can interpret the data and create a “story” about what is happening. Consider the most significant moments in your life – whether they are happy moments or sad, or times of great personal achievement, there is something visceral about these experiences. Seeing someone who we fall in love with, and then longing for a deeper connection to them. Hearing a piece of music that connects deeply to a part of ourselves. Tasting something extraordinary for the first time (what a shame we are all so far past our first encounter with chocolate!). And of course, the pleasure we create through sex and making love: last but not least!

How else do we experience ourselves, other than through these physical perceptions? The physical sensations we experience are closely connected to our emotional experience of ourselves. The emotions are the first step away from the body into the intangible, and so we can understand this as a separate aspect of how we experience ourselves. Yes, we experience our emotions in the physical body but they are not physical in the way that our perception of the world is. Our emotions are very often triggered by our thoughts. These thoughts are the product of our minds reacting to the external world, as well as – very importantly – our imagination. So we create our emotional experience from our minds. When we do this through the power of our imagination, our imagination becomes a way of perceiving the subtle worlds around us, as well as a tool of our creativity. This is a very important point to bear in mind as we explore this area more deeply. From our emotions, we then move into the mind which is even less tangible than our emotional experience of ourselves. It is in our minds that we hold our beliefs, expectations, and understanding of the world and our place in it. This is incredibly powerful because it is through the content of our minds that we create our experience of life.

We have now considered three separate aspects of how we experience ourselves as human beings: through thought, through emotion, and through the physical body. So far so normal. But what about those of us who are sensitive to energy and perceive things that other people do not? Psychic perception shows us that there are additional layers to the day to day reality we inhabit. These layers take many forms and running through all of them is a simple truth. They are all composed of the same “stuff”: it is just energy at different levels or vibrations of being. We experience this energy through our awareness of the subtle aspects of reality. In this material world we experience this energy through or physical senses, and we do this through our mind, our emotions, and our physical bodies. But these are not the only realities that we can become aware of and experience. As our psychic perception and intuitive abilities develop these realities start to overlap more and more with our experience of physical reality. All of these experiences and perceptions are merely aspects of consciousness that connect us to the different forms that life takes. After all, life is infinitely more subtle and complex than this physical reality that we inhabit through our physical bodies.

It is by going within through our meditation and journeying that the true depth and potential of our identity opens up. Again the psychic senses help us to perceive and connect with the deepest aspects of who we are, in particular our capacity to feel (for it is our feelings that connect us to our spiritual identity). Many of these aspects of our identity go way beyond the personality (our name, identity, family history etc) into something much older, more powerful and holding a deep sense of unconditional love. These are the places that mystics have explored for millennia and which are described in the myths and allegories of the worlds’ religions. There is little point in giving them names, as religion has, because the act of naming diminishes them. But what can be said is that connecting with them and retaining that connection changes our perspective and our understanding of ourselves and of life profoundly.

When we connect in this way we build bridges to the parts of ourselves that we have been cut off from, or which we have cast adrift. This is often due to fear or pain, or a lack of awareness that they are there; but in forgetting them we lose so much of our power and potential, and we waste so much energy trying to keep them under wraps (locked away in our “cellar”). Working with these parts of ourselves creates deep change and development in our lives, and with that comes enormous potential for spiritual growth.

Life moves and manifests through us in so many more ways and at so many more levels than we can conceive of: the finest, most remote frequency of energy from which springs forth pure thought itself; the sound created by the movement of thought across the field of consciousness; the realm of the archetypes where the building blocks of matter and personality are held in consciousness; the illusion of the astral plane; the density of this material world; the realm of the Devas and Elementals who hold physical matter in consciousness; and then the still-point that we find at the center of all things, everywhere. Energy, consciousness, life – whatever term you want to use to conceive of this – expresses itself at all these different levels through us. Shamballa is one way of awakening this awareness of ourselves at all these levels of our being.

In the Shamballa teaching we call these levels “Dimensions” to emphasize their distinctness. This helps our minds to accept the possibility of experiencing life and ourselves in these new ways. The connections to these Dimensions of awareness are already there, but they are dormant. We bring these connections back into consciousness through a series of attunements during the five days of the Shamballa teaching. There are thirteen attunements in total and all of the attunements are made by the Angelic Kingdom of Light. Before the attunements, we receive a clearing of our energy field to ensure we are best prepared for the attunements themselves. And during the course of the five days, we practice using the energy of Shamballa for healing and channeling.

What is it like to be attuned to the energy of Shamballa? The energy of Shamballa is the energy of life itself as it expresses itself in the different aspects (or Dimensions) of awareness which we can connect to as human beings. There are twelve of these in total – twelve being an interesting Archetypal number in many of our cultures. The energy of Shamballa is the fabric of all of them and everything that is conceived of and experienced in them, including our world here, happens through the medium of this energy. Since everything happens through the same medium, everything is accepted unconditionally – there cannot be any judgment or separation: it is all part of a whole. In our world here, consider how complex the scope of our experience is: we create and destroy life; we experience joy, sadness, kindness, cruelty, compassion, love, hatred, fear; we express the very best of ourselves and the very worst. Life here contains extreme polarities of experience. All of them are merely different expressions of the same thing: the energy of life itself. Therefore if we move our awareness into the essence of life itself, we feel the truth that everything is created and accepted unconditionally because it is all part of a whole: it is all connected and it is all one. Just as we are all one and all part of a greater whole.

So how does this relate to our attunements to the energy of Shamballa? Well, when do human-beings experience love? They experience love when they feel connected, either to a part of themselves, to another person, or to some other part of life that affects them. There are many reasons but it is always about feeling a connection through our heart. When we connect through our hearts to someone or something then we feel that as love. And this is what the energy of Shamballa is – it is love itself, except this is an unconditional love because everything is accepted and everything is connected at each level of our awareness of life. This is why mystics who become “enlightened” feel connected to all of life and find this experience profoundly moving, bringing forth tears of joy and ecstasy. So to be attuned to the energy of Shamballa is to be attuned to the energy of the fabric of life itself, which is what life – in all its forms – experiences as unconditional love.

Shamballa is a profound and powerful Teaching – it will take you somewhere truly wonderful and begin a process of transformation in your life. As we consciously reconnect to these long dormant parts of ourselves, our sense of who and what we are starts to change. At this time this is so important because the people we are connected to feel the change in us, as does the rest of life. Each shift that we make echoes out across the fabric of life and it is felt everywhere. And, if we stop to listen, we can hear it respond……..

Shamballa is a beautiful gift to yourself: if any of this has touched your heart then you are most welcome to join us. Please get in touch via This Shamballa Teaching comes from Christine and Kevin Core, whose website contains more information about their work. Dominic qualified as a Teacher of Shamballa with Christine Core in September 2011 and is an experienced Healer and Teacher based in London.

Course Content: This is a 5 day course held over 2 weekends (Friday July 17, Saturday July 18, Sunday July 19; Saturday August 1, Sunday August 2 – each day we open the space at 10.00am and close at approximately 5.00pm). During the course we will cover the following:

Clearing of your energy field with a powerful meditation with the Archangel Michael.

Learn how to give yourself healing with Shamballa.

Learn how to give a healing to another person, present or distant, with Shamballa.

Practice channeling different aspects of your consciousness.

Receive 13 attunements to the energy of Shamballa:

The unconditional love of the First Dimension – the still-point at the center of all things. The unconditional love of the Second Dimension – held in consciousness by the Devic and Elemental Kingdom.

The unconditional love of the Third Dimension – this physical reality that we inhabit presently, held in consciousness by human-beings.

The unconditional love of the Fourth Dimension – the Astral Plane, also held in consciousness by human-beings.

The unconditional love of the Fifth Dimension – the desire to create in thought, held in consciousness by the Pleiades.

The unconditional love of the Sixth Dimension – the realm of the Archetypes, held in consciousness by Sirius.

The unconditional love of the Seventh Dimension – the realm of sound, held in consciousness by Andromeda.

The unconditional love of the Eighth Dimension – the realm of Divine Light, held in consciousness by Orion.

The unconditional love of the Ninth Dimension – the space of eternal Samadhi where the rhythm of creation itself pulses through all of life, in all its forms.

The unconditional love of the Tenth Dimension – the realm of the Infinite Self.

The unconditional love of the Eleventh Dimension – the information highways of light.

The unconditional love of the Twelfth Dimension – the becoming of oneness.

The unconditional love of the Thirteenth Dimension – completion and new beginnings.

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